Coors Sent This 93-Year-Old More Beer

The world is doing the responsible thing by staying home, and so many of our favorite brands and celebrities are doing their part in donating to COVID-19 relief efforts. When a 93-year-old woman made a sign for her neighbors saying she needed more beer, Coors Light came through with a major surprise.

Olive Veronesi from the Pittsburgh area wrote a sign on a white board and held it up in front of her window. A photo of Veronesi holding up her sign, which simply read, “I need more beer!!” and a can of Coors Light quickly went viral online. One photo posted by KDKA-TV, A CBS affiliate in Pittsburgh, has over 50,000 shares on Facebook and counting.

“I was on my last 12 cans, I have a beer every night, you know what, beer has vitamins in it, it’s good for you, as long as you don’t overdo it,” Veronesi told the outlet. Then, yesterday evening the beverage brand surprised her with 150 more cans of beer.

Representatives from Molson Coors packed up ten cases of beer and dropped them off safely on Veronesi’s doorstop along with some Coors Light merch. She promptly updated her dry erase sign to say, “Got more beer!”

According to KDKA-TV, she didn’t skip a beat before cracking open a can of the beer once it was delivered. “That tastes pretty good,” she said. As Veronesi stays at home to be safe, it’s good to know she’ll have enough beer to last her and we love that for her! So, uh, can I be her when I grow up?

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