Costco Is Selling A Giant Carrot Bar Cake, So Who Even Needs Easter Dinner?

Where would we be without Costco’s oversized desserts? Probably fitting into our pants better, but that’s not what this is about! Last year, the wholesale retailer had us covered for Easter with a 4-pound Carrot Walnut Cake, but this year’s slice is a bit different.

The Carrot Bar Cake lets you see every tasty layer of the dessert. It’s made up of three layers of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting in between each one. We can’t tell if those are some sort of nuts or carrot cake crumble on top, but we bet it’s good. The rectangular-shaped cake weighs 2.5 pounds, so there will be plenty to enjoy (if you have any room in your stomach after all that Easter candy and chocolate).

You can pick up a Carrot Bar Cake at Costco for $15.99. As with many of its seasonal bakery items, they’re limited-edition and only around for a window of time. After all, no one is eating carrot cake in the middle of September, right? But now that we think about it …

People are already excited about the Carrot Bar Cake, and plan to pick it up on their next grocery run. “This looks delicious,” one person wrote. “Can someone please deliver this to me?!” wrote another.

We can’t possibly celebrate springtime without a carrot cake, and while we love making one from scratch, this one is convincing us that store-bought is the way to go this time!

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