Costco Is Selling A Giant Egg-Shaped Cake That’s Filled With White And Milk Chocolate Mousses

The next holiday coming up is Easter, so in true Costco form, the wholesale retailer is stocked with a themed cake that outdoes anything the Easter Bunny has in store for you! We have Junior’s Cheesecake, the famous bakery and diner in New York, to thank for this dessert.

The Chocolate Dream Easter Egg Layer Cake not only sounds delicious, but it looks perfectly Easter-ready for the table. It has three layers of dark chocolate cake with white chocolate mousse and milk chocolate mousse in between the layers. The entire thing is covered in chocolate, and decorated in white chocolate pastel pink, yellow, and green stripes on top and curls on the side.

Instagram account @costcoguy4u posted a picture of the latest bakery item. While the cake has been available at Junior’s for years, now more people can pick one up at Costco. Each chocolatey mousse cake has 10 servings and retails for $15.79. Consider your contribution to Easter dinner done.

Since you’re stopping by Costco anyway, you might want to pick up the Carrot Bar Cake that’s hanging out in the bakery section. At 2.5 pounds, you can guarantee there will be some leftovers after Easter!

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