Costco’s Strawberry-Filled Croissants Are Beloved By Fans

Croissants are one of the only pastries that truly don’t need any help to be better. They’re basically little pillows for butter to live in so you don’t need to put any butter on top, plus they’re crunchy and a tad sweet already, so while drizzling honey on them is encouraged, it’s certainly not required. That said, if Costco wants to put delicious strawberry filling inside of a croissant, we are certainly not going to stop them.

These delicious little guys have been popping up for a while now, but were recently spotted by Instagrammer @Costo_buddies who tried them and gave them so pretty excellent reviews. They’re croissants filled with strawberry jam, what could be better?

“After having gone through 3 croissants already, I can report that they did not disappoint my expectations. These croissants were very easy to heat up in the morning for a quick and filling breakfast,” they wrote.

Instagrammer @frugalhotspot had similarly nice things to say when they picked them up back in April 2019. They also noted just how big these are. Two are big enough to take up the entirety of a large dinner plate. Both Instagrammers picked them up for $2 off, so it seems to be a popular deal no matter when they’re offered.

As you’ve probably been able to tell if you follow Costco closely, what’s offered, especially in the bakery, varies greatly depending on which store you’re in and when you’re there. But as it seems these are a fan-favorite, there is a good chance they’ll be popping up near you soon enough.

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