Craving Chaat? 5 Stellar Chaat Recipes You Can Prepare Amid Lockdown

In the wake of corona virus outbreak, the original 21-day lockdown in India has been extended till 3rd of May. From government to health officials and to our favourite stars, everybody is urging general public to stay indoors. Since there is no vaccine for COVID-19 yet, practicing social distancing is the only practical way to keep virus at bay. The lockdown may have proved a little overwhelming for a plethora of foodies who love their occasional stop by at their local chaat wala for their share of dahi bhalla, papdi chaat and gol gappas. Indians and their love affair with chaat is worth a chronicle of its own. If you are also a fan of Indian chaats, you would be happy to know that a lot of them could be made at home that too very easily.

Here are 5 chaat recipes that you can prepare at home:

1. Dahi Bhalla

Spongy dal-based dumplings slathered over with yogurt and a variety of tantalizing chutney and spices – dahi bhalla is one chaat item we can have at any point of the day! Here’s a recipe you will surely enjoy.

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dahi bhalla

2. Gol Gappa or Pani Puri

Gol gappa is also known as phucka and pani puri in other states. In this unique snack, bite-sized puffed puris are punctured are punctured on top and filled with spicy mint water, aloo mixture, chickpeas, chutney and spices. There, we saw you slurping. Here’s a recipe for gol gappa.

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gol gappa

3. Aloo Tikki

Crispy and crunchy potato patty filled with goodness of spicy mixture of potatoes, pepper and onion, served with an array of eclectic chutney and chaat masala. The snack is a true celebration of potatoes. Here’s a recipe of aloo tikki.

aloo tikki 625

4. Moong Dal Pakori or Ram Ladoo

One of North India’s most beloved snack, these tiny and spongy pakodas made with moong dal batter are best enjoyed with refreshing mint chutney and chaat masala with the side of sliced radish. Here’s a recipe of moong dal pakori.

5. Samosa chaat

If you happen to be a samosa fan, you would definitely enjoy this saucy and yummy take on your favourite treat. Crushed samosas doused with chutney and spices of various kind, A through lip-smacking affair. Here’s a recipe of samosa chaat.

Try making these iconic chaat recipes at home and take everyone by surprise. Now, that you have relatively more time at hand, it would be a good idea to invest some of it in your kitchen and rustle up some of your favourite treats. Do stay tuned for your daily dose of delicious recipes.

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