Dairy Queen Released Free Printable Activities For Kids

Keeping kids busy right now can be…challenging. They don’t have school or activities and they also can’t be going to playdates IRL, so you’ve got some serious entertainment needs on your hands. Well, Dairy Queen is here to help.

DQ has launched Play at Home, a new website that features several cool activities you can download to use as a family to keep your kids occupied when you need a break. “We’re going all in on fun for the family,” the website says. “Download these activities and fill your home with happiness.”

There’s a bunch of cool stuff on the site, including these options:

  • A shadow puppet storybook: The storybook invites you and your family to explore the great outdoors without leaving your home. The storybook features detailed instructions on how to make a slew of cool shadow puppets, including a wolf, a rabbit, and a snail.
  • A playbook of indoor games: This includes games like hot potato, a spoon relay, freeze dancing, and hallway bowling. It’s full of stuff you can do with things you already have around the house.
  • Happy chat cards: The cards encourage families to ask each other questions, like “What’s your dream job?” and “If you could take a road trip to space, which planet would you visit first?”
  • A coloring book: Finally, Dairy Queen has a five-page coloring book you can download and hand off to your little artist.

    All in all, there’s plenty of stuff in there to keep your kid and the entire family busy for hours. And after? Well, maybe you should celebrate with drive-thru Blizzards!

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