Dairy Queen’s Brownie Dough Blizzard Is Back, And It’s Like Eating Batter From The Bowl

Would it really feel like a new month if we didn’t have a Dairy Queen Blizzard of the Month to try? Hopefully you like chocolate, because you can get the Brownie Dough Blizzard Treat for April 2020.

This Blizzard frozen dessert first came out as a new flavor for the Blizzard of the Month for May 2019. For reasons which seem pretty obvious, the shop has brought it back for another run. It’s made up of soft-serve that’s blended with brownie dough pieces, choco chunks, and cocoa fudge, so loving chocolate is a prerequisite for ordering one.

As with all Blizzards, the Brownie Dough one is available in Mini, Small, Medium, and Large sizes. Since it’s a Blizzard of the Month, it’ll be around through the end of April. So here is your warning that the countdown is on for when it’ll disappear.

If you didn’t get a chance to try the Brownie Dough Blizzard last year, you might want to make sure you try it this time. It’s rich and delicious — plus, it’s so much easier to just head to the drive-thru instead of mixing up your own brownie batter, right?

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