David Dobrick Puked After Eating Spicy Wings On ‘Hot Ones’

Most spicy fans love to operate under the assumption that you can never have too much heat. Well, YouTube star David Dobrick might have just discovered his limit.

David went on Hot Ones which, in case you’re not familiar with it, is the YouTube Q&A series that features celebrities eating progressively hotter hot sauces while answering progressively spicier questions issued by host Sean Evans. Some celebrities do great while others STRUGGLE. David, unfortunately was in the latter camp.

To be fair, David got things started by warning Sean that he’s not really great with spicy stuff at all. So, there’s that. He also fared better than many others, making it through the whole line-up, including the “last dab,” but things devolved quickly towards the end.

David had the second hottest hot wing on the table—which had a Scoville hotness ranking level of 4,200—and said he wasn’t super into it. “At this point, if we were like at a wings place, I’d tell my friends not to get that ’cause it’s too spicy’,” he said.

David kept on eating but made it pretty clear he wasn’t having a good time. He jokingly told Sean that his show was “fucked” and asked Sean to let him come up with a new premise so no one else would have to go through this.

“When I imagined this show, I thought it was going to be like, ‘My eyes are gonna be watering.’ I thought it was going to be, like, funny,” he said. But it’s painful. It’s pain. It’s pain I’m experiencing. It’s not like joyous discomfort.”

After the pair took turns talking on David’s vlogging camera, David ended up puking in the studio’s trash can. Still, he recovered pretty well. “I know I was, like, shitting on this concept because I’m, like, so stressed out, but I genuinely love the show,” David said at the end. “I’m so happy for you, and congrats on all your success, but I’m never coming, fucking, even within a 30-foot radius of you ever again.”

LOL, fair.

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