Decaf Coffee As the Candida Diet’s Only Salvation – Is It Allowed?

Decaf Coffee As the Candida Diet’s Only Salvation – Is It Allowed?

She is still working on getting her own personal candida diet straight here. She was wondering how many of us drink decaf coffee. She would like to have a couple cups a day, but is using Stevia and a little skim milk with it. Some of the diets say decaf is okay, others say no coffee, but she guess that they are talking about regular coffee. The coffee will be her only salvation for staying on this diet, she thinks! She also wants to know about the most effective thing to do with olive leaf extract.

According to “The Yeast Connection”, coffee is subject to mold contamination. How much is uncertain. If you feel you can’t get along without coffee, you will have to experiment yourself. As I understand it, a cup of coffee wipes out the good flora and fauna in the gut and it takes 4-7 hours to regenerate them. If candida sufferers are taking probiotics, coffee is something to do without, cheerfully.

It is not a matter for the caffeine or decaf, but it is the acid in the coffee that feeds yeast. Go find a wonderful low acid regular coffee, and it is OK to have them 1-2 cups a day.

Olive leaf extract taken alone has led to viral resistance in most cases in about 8 weeks. More effective results might be obtained by combining olive leaf extract with at least 2 effective antivirals, either government approved (zerit, epivir, viramune, sustiva, etc) or low-cost unapproved therapies whose efficacy are supported by substantial numbers of individual case reports or studies. Some studies have been done on bitter melon, bitter bush, Artemisia annua, curcumin, monolaurin, coconut oil, sutherlandia, and certain strains of the probiotic L Plantarum.

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