Diabetic Friendly Chocolate Eclairs

Diabetic Friendly Chocolate Eclairs

Chocolate eclairs are one of the desserts that are hard to say no to. They have an interesting texture. And then the combination of the sweet and creamy taste are the biggest temptations that chocolate eclairs offer.

Basically, an eclair is a pastry. It is long and thin and it is commonly served as a dessert. The pastry used in making eclairs is called a choux pastry, the type the uses a light pastry dough that consists only of a few basic ingredients such as flour, sugar and eggs. The choux pastry, when baked, produces are crisp and hollow finish. After the pastry is cooled, the sweet part comes in. In this case, Bavarian cream is piped into the pastry and then dipped into rich chocolate.

Just by reading the way it is made, I bet many have drooled and craved already. Chocolate eclairs are sweet and sinful treats that come in small but long packages.

However, these treats are not available for everyone. As much as they want to, diabetics have issues in consuming eclairs because of the sugar content. As many people know, diabetics are not exactly recommended to consume sugar as it may have effects that could put their lives to serious risks.

This issue was noticed by bakers. It’s such a shame that these people will be deprived of the goodness that a piece of eclair can give. This is why diabetic friendly bakeries are created and in turn, diabetic friendly chocolate eclairs were produced.

Diabetic friendly eclairs have two main features that make it a suitable choice for diabetics.

First, instead of making use of ordinary sugars as sweetener, it uses xylitol. Xylitol is a type of sugar alcohol that provides sweetness to the chocolate eclairs. However, the sugar content is lessened. This way, the diabetics have fewer worries on their sugar intake as they indulge in the sweet chocolate treat.

The other thing about the chocolate eclair produced by these bakeries is that whole wheat flour is used to make the pastry. What’s with this type of flour? It offers a lot more than the conventional baking flour. This is the type of flour made from whole wheat grain. It adds more texture and nutrients (fiber and protein) to the pastry.

Chocolate eclairs produced by these bakeries are definitely ideal for diabetics. In terms of taste and content, this is a treat without the guilt.

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