Did Robin Thicke Spoil Tonight’s ‘Masked Singer’?

It’s Wednesday again, which means tonight we will be blessed with another episode of the highly addictive and very over-the-top show The Masked Singer. Last week, we found out who was under the Taco disguise, and judge Robin Thicke miiiight have accidentally spoiled what goes down in tonight’s episode.

Tom Bergeron was underneath the Taco mask last week, and when Robin was tweeting about the episode, he had a little mix up that caused some major confusion. In the now deleted tweet, Robin wrote last week, “I’m in a DARK SPOT after #BananaMask’s elimination… did the audience do the ripe thing? Either way wow what a treat to have @Tom_Bergeron on the show! #TheMaskedSinger.”

The thing is, Tom was underneath the Taco and not the Banana. The Banana is still in the running to win this season and people think this mistake might mean we’ll be finding out who the Banana is tonight.

So far, the most popular guess for who’s under the mask is Bret Michaels after hearing the Banana belt out “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers and “Achy Breaky Heart” by Billy Ray Cyrus. Others think it’s Larry the Cable Guy, but of course there’s only one way to find out!

We’ll see tonight if Robin did accidentally tip off his followers about who will be revealed on this episode, or if the dude just made an honest mistake. Spoiler or not, I’ll obviously be watching because there’s still Kitty and Frog to guess too!

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