Dine in Style at Fusion 9 – Restaurants in Hyderabad

Dine in Style at Fusion 9 – Restaurants in Hyderabad

What you see – F-9, the multi-cuisine restaurant has an interesting story behind its name. While it is said that it calls itself Fusion 9 because it serves nine varieties of cuisine at one place, some also say that it is so called because 9 is a powerful number according to numerology. Anyway, we thought that it’s best to visit the restaurant to review its nine cuisines than believe in hearsay.

What you get – So here’s a list of the nine cuisines that it offers – Indian, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Italian, American, Middle-Eastern, Vietnamese and European. Well, the number of cuisines is sure high, but the variety in each category is just about sufficient.

What we recommend from the cuisines, however, are the non-vegetarian sizzlers, the Calzone for the veggies, the delectable Pasta and the Arabic Kofta Kebab. But if you are the adventurous kind, you could choose from the other global varieties as well. Besides, the menu, they claim, is changed every two months. So if you are looking for variety, you are promised to be offered the same by Fusion 9.

With regard to the desserts, the Pancake and Chocolate-filled Crepes topped with chocolate sauce and nuts are a sure delight. The drinks served at the restaurant are also great to taste and are made just right. Kudos to the man at the counter for that!

The verdict – As far as the interiors are concerned, this place has been designed in a contemporary manner to suit the cosmopolitan crowd that it serves. Dim lights and matte finish call for appreciation during the evenings. The unobtrusive music adds to the ambiance as well.

Prices of food items at Fusion 9 are not too high. Besides, corporate professionals can flash their identity cards to avail a 10 per cent discount.

What you pay for a meal for two – Rs. 500 (without wines).

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