Do You Want to Shed Some Extra Pounds? Try the Low Calorie Macaroni Soup

Do You Want to Shed Some Extra Pounds? Try the Low Calorie Macaroni Soup

If you wish to shed some extra pounds and get slimmer, it is necessary to be on a health diet that includes all the best kinds of body-shaping, low calorie foods. Low calories foods need not always be tasteless. There are thousands of low calorie foods that are easy to prepare and are delicious as well. When it comes to a delicious health diet, the first things that come to mind are soups and salads.

For instance, try preparing the low calorie Macaroni soup. Following is an easy recipe for the same:

Number of serving: 1

Size of serving: 1 bowl


Onion: 20 g
Garlic: half clove
Carrot: 20 g
Bay leaf: 1
Cabbage: 5 g
Spaghetti: 5 g
Tomato: 30 g
Salt: half teaspoon
Stock: 11 half cups
Pepper: a dash
Oil: 5 g


1) Chop the onion, shred the cabbage, and dice the carrots; Put all the cut vegetables in a bowl.

2) Add the onion and the carrot in a saucepan containing a little hot oil. Sauté well.

3) Add the stock and bring it to a boil. Next, add the macaroni, bay leaf, and chopped tomatoes.

4) Then add the cabbage and seasoning, and simmer gently for at most 20 minutes.

5) The soup should be cooked and boiled until the vegetables become soft.

6) The soup is ready. You can now garnish it with grated cheese, and have it hot.

One bowl of this delicious, healthy macaroni soup contains just 89 calories. With just 5.2 g of fat, 1.4 g protein, and 1.2 g fiber, this soup is a very healthy choice to make if you are really keen at losing some extra weight. If you love to have desserts, you can also try my recipe for a low calorie pineapple fruit salad, discussed in another article.

Alternatively, you can also try certain Indian and Asian dishes, which are not only delicious and healthy, but are also very cheap to prepare.

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