Do Your BBQ Right With A Cuisinart BBQ Grill

Do Your BBQ Right With A Cuisinart BBQ Grill

Alright so, you’re probably reading this article because you’ve heard about Cuisinart Barbeques and you want to know if they’re really worth all the hype. Or you quite possibly could be straddling the fence in making the decision to buy a Cuisinart grill and you want to know some of the features the grill offers. Either way you’re in the right spot! Look no more as I will give you a full review of the Cuisinart Barbeque.

Cuisinart Barbeque proudly boasts that they have created the perfect grill that was built with the outdoor chef in mind. These aren’t just your regular run-of-the-mill barbeques as their models are fueled by propane and natural gas. Their latest barbeque line includes the Cuisinart C560S, C790SR gourmet barbeques and the C7921RS-R infrared gourmet barbeque. Just knowing the names of these grills are not enough, I’m sure, but the features of these barbecues are what makes it really worthwhile! Each grill offers double burners which results in great heating coverage minimizing the problem of cold spots in your food. The Cuisinart Barbeque also has an infrared burner which allows maximum versatility as you will be able to grill, stir-fry, sear, sauté and simmer your food.

The C560S is the smallest of the three barbeques and is ideal for small yards and patios. Its porcelain cast iron cooking grates and three stainless steel linear burners offer a superior grilling surface and perfect, even heating. This Cuisinart model also has a side stainless steel burner that allows for plenty of cooking space. The C560S has a porcelain enamel warming area to actually warm your food and heat distribution plates that not only provides protection for the burners but disperses the heat evenly across the grill. Not too shabby right?

The Cuisinart C790SR gourmet barbeque has a lot of similar features as the C560S such as the double burner cooking system, side burner and the porcelain iron cooking grater, heat distribution plates and warming area. However, the main grilling area is 560 square inches as opposed to the C560S’s 420 square inches. This grill also has a stainless steel roasting hood for roasting purposes and heat retention. It also offers a rear rotisserie burner used for meats such as chicken and roast that actually seals in juices while burning away unwanted fat.

Last but not least is the Cuisinart C792IRS-R. The total grilling space for this bad boy is a whopping 720 sq inches of course making it the largest of the three barbeques. This grill also has many of the same features as the aforementioned barbeques but what makes this one stand out is the infrared rear rotisserie burner. The 13,000 BTU infrared high intensity heat waves make this the finest way to rotisserie a roast, tenderloin, or turkey.

All three barbeques have a battery powered multi spark electronic ignition that is ran off of a single AA battery. They also have an easy clean grease collection system that not only makes cleanup easy and quick, but it also helps eliminate grease fires and flare-ups which naturally prolongs the life of your grill. So there you have it, Cuisinart Barbeque info laid out for you to make an informed decision. You have the facts now the grill – I mean ball is – in your court!

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