Does Coffee Give You Cellulite?

Before you refill that coffee cup, ask yourself one question: Does coffee give you cellulite? Cappuccino, espresso, mocha frappuccino, cafe latte…

The myriad flavour of coffee goes on and on. A variety of people love drinking coffee not only in mornings but all throughout the day.

Coffee is like fuel, providing a person extra stamina to get through their day. However, drinking too much coffee can cause sleeping problems, headaches and palpitations. It also turns out that caffeine found in coffee contributes to weight gain, accelerates aging and pushes the body to store body fat. Now, they’re blaming coffee to be causing cellulites!

Cellulites are a cosmetic medical condition characterized by dimpling of the skin in the buttocks, hips, legs, and thighs. Cellulite forms when the connective tissues that hold fat and skin cell in proper position degenerate. The result is trapped fat making the skin appear lumpy.

Cellulites are said to be caused by poor circulation and lymph flow and all the caffeine from too much coffee can do these to you. Excessive caffeine intake can dehydrate the cells and make that orange peel more visible.

A little caffeine fix goes a long way

There is still hope for both cellulite sufferers and coffee lovers out there. Research shows that drinking coffee in moderation, meaning ONE cup a day only, can actually reduce cellulites. Caffeine in moderated amounts acts as a vasodilator, which increases blood flow in our body.

Increased blood flow flushes out more cellulite forming fat and toxins. Coffee is a natural anti-oxidant.
It fights free radicals in our body that endangers our cells, especially in cellulite affected areas. But to further extract the benefits of coffee, we don’t have to drink it.

Coffee solutions for cellulite

Ingesting caffeine to reduce cellulite is a slow process and we all want our cellulites to disappear now! It turns out coffee slathered directly into the skin does the trick.

Now, don’t pour that hot brown liquid in your body, it simply won’t work and you might get burned in the process. With this natural remedy, you will need warm used coffee grounds mixed with olive oil. You apply it directly on your thighs, legs or wherever you have cellulite.

Massage those coffee grounds for a few minutes, get a plastic wrap and cover yourself for at least twenty minutes. You need to do this for more than two weeks every other day to reduce your cellulites. For some, it may be effective but it can also be tedious, time-consuming, and messy. Is there another way for caffeine to help us reduce cellulite?

Caffeine-containing anti-cellulite creams

Numerous cosmetic companies are producing caffeine-containing creams designed to battle cellulite.
These anti-cellulite creams are much easier to use than coffee grounds. You just apply it directly on your cellulite and massage it in two to three times a day.

It is important to continuously use it to achieve a cellulite-free body.

A caffeine-containing anti-cellulite cream works overtime if combined with the right active ingredients. Your anti-cellulite cream should also contain not only caffeine but also L-carnitine, retinol A, shea butter, green tea extract, and various seaweed extracts among others. The powerful mixture of these ingredients reduces cellulites faster which give you smooth and elastic skin.

Using a caffeine-containing cream increases your blood flow too.

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