Doritos Sells Bags With Both Hot Wing Chips And Bleu Cheese Chips Inside

I’m no stranger to wild chip flavors. I have an affinity for hot chips and a deep-rooted respect for pickle-flavored chips, so nothing really phases me when it comes to crunchy, savory snacks. This mixed bag of Doritos is another story, though, because in one bag there are hot wings and blue cheese-flavored chips which is nothing short of genius.

Before you start frantically looking for these at your local grocery store, it looks like these chips are only available in Canada at the moment. Even if you’re in Canada, it seems that these chips are super exclusive, because they’re only available for a limited time at Costco.

Just like you dip actual hot wings in blue cheese to counterbalance the spice level, it looks like the mixed chips serve the same concept. You can have a handful of chips that offers both spice and blue cheese flavors so you can handle the heat and continue snacking.

A photo of the chips was posted by @Junkfoodcanada on Instagram, and people in the comments were ecstatic to see that the chips were back. It appears that these chip bags are pretty nostalgia-inducing, because there were pretty popular a few years back. “THESE WERE THE BEST LIKE A DECADE AGO WOW,” one commenter wrote quite succinctly.

A quick internet search confirms these Doritos were a huge hit back in 2009, but haven’t really been spotted since. People loved them so much, there’s an entire Facebook page dedicated to wanting them back. To have people that committed, these chips must really be something, so I’ll be patiently waiting for them to roll out in the United States. Don’t mind me!

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