Drunken Hot Wings

Drunken Hot Wings

On your next drunken chicken outing you might want to try something a little different with your the wings and legs of your bird. If your a big hot wing or buffalo wing fan here’s a quick and easy way to enjoy the taste of hot wings without dragging out the fryer and oil. Start with the wings and legs of your chicken. Before inserting it on the can dry the wings and legs by patting them down with a paper towel. This ensures the extremities will be crispy when your all done cooking your chickens. Upon taking your birds off the grill hold the wings out and cut upwards. An electric knife works best for a clean and close cut. After removing the wings move on down to the drumsticks. Be careful with the legs making sure not to pull the bone out of the meat. Cut straight down parallel to the beer can but not cutting into it.

Next add the pieces to a pan. I use cast iron because it evenly distributes the heat throughout the pan and I like to put the wings back on the grill to cook in the hot sauce before serving. Using a cast iron pan lets you do this without worrying about your handle melting. For your sauce you can use whatever base you prefer. Some popular wing sauces are Frank’s RedHot Sauce, Hooter’s Hot Wing Sauce, and Louisiana Hot Wing Sauce. Use whatever sauce you like. I’ve tried all of the Franks brand sauces and prefer their new Thick Cayenne Pepper Sauce because of the consistency. You’ll need a nice thick sauce to mix with the beer, butter, and onions. Below is the recipe for mixing all the ingredients for the sauce. Mix all the wings and legs in the pan making sure everything is coated then put your pan back on the grill for 15 minutes to a 1/2 hour.

Home Made Drunken Hot Wing Sauce

1 bottle wing sauce

1 stick of butter

12 oz beer

1/2 onion (sliced)

2 teaspoons crushed black pepper

On a medium fire add a 12 oz beer, stick of butter, black pepper, and sliced onions to a small pot. Let cook for 10 minutes. Take pan off fire and add hot wing sauce. Mix thoroughly and add wings. Make sure all the meat is coated in sauce and put back on the stove or grill for 1/2 hour. Remove, let cool, and serve!

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