Excess Alcohol Consumption During Lockdown May Affect Immunity: Study

Drinking a lot during lockdown may not be in the best interest of your immunity. If findings of  a latest study are to be believed, excessive alcohol is not healthy for the immune system especially during this time when the whole world is battling against COVID 19, a global pandemic, that as yet has no preventive vaccine.

“People drink because it mellows them,” Fox News quoted Dr Shannon Sovndal, an ER doctor and author of ‘Fragile’ as saying. “Well, alcohol has a similar effect on the [/topic/immune-system]immune system, making it slow and lethargic,” he added.

Explaining the effect of alcohol on body, Dr Shannon said having one drink a day or light drinking, may not have as pronounced effects, however if the number of drinks increase, it could “dampen” all of your body’s systems, including the immune system.

Researchers also observed a reduction in the white blood cells, which are important to immunity, along with an increase in proteins that reduce the immune system’s effectiveness.

According to Mayo Clinic’s findings, excessive drinking also makes it harder for body to resist diseases, it could also make you more prone to developing pneumonia.  There are a number of cons attached to overdrinking like liver-damage and weakened cognitive skills. Therefore try to cut back on alcohol, instead it could be a good idea to refuel your body with something warm and healing. You can also include healing spices like turmeric, ginger or cinnamon in your tumbler of water or tea to make yourself  a quick immunity-boosting beverage.

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