Fancy A Delish Italian Fare In A Quaint Cafe, Tera Vita May Just Be The Haunt You Are Looking For!

Adorned in pink and pastel hues, Tera Vita, Khan Market is a quaint little bistro that tugs at your heartstrings for reasons more than one. The mirrors and murals are tastefully placed, the warm lights elevate the cosy appeal of the cafe. But is it yet another Instagram-worthy eatery; of Khan Market, or is there more to it than what meets the eye? Is the Italian fare really worth the hype or should you stick to the favourites in the vicinity. Read to know.

We started out with the practical burrata. A deftly-done, creamy burrata was served with orange sauce, balsamic reduction, cherry tomatoes, and spiced walnuts. The sweet and scintillating flavours were aptly complemented by Tera Vita’s in-house sourdough crisps. We further moved on to the flamed toast. A perfect breakfast dish with a medley of caramelised mushrooms ragout and sauces, served atop a crisp toast. The rich and buttery mix of mushrooms is sumptuous. The paps chicken followed next, the smoky and juicy bits of chicken with a hint of paprika, make the grilled preparation a dish to watch out for.

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For our mains, we called for weekend pasta. The white cream comforting spaghetti with porcini mushrooms is a warm hug you need after a really long and tiring day. We also called for the Herb breast, where the chicken was grilled to perfections but the veggies served on the side lacked the crunch. Perhaps they were too cooked, the mashed potatoes on the plate were not very smooth either. The pull-through crepe seemed like a take on enchiladas. We ordered the one in bell-pepper sauce. The crepes were filled with juicy, minced pork and the sauce was the right amount of sweet and tangy. The pizzas at Tera Vita are to sure to stay with you long after you have made the exit. Made with garden-fresh ingredients, the quality is top-notch and the in-house sauces make the affair eclectic and hearty. 

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The tiramisu a tad underwhelming, the baked cheesecake is scrumptiously creamy and dense. Tera Vita makes for a stellar addition to the upscale alleys of Khan market, do give it a try. 

Where: Tera Vita, Khan Market
Cost For Two: INR 1900


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