Find Out the Similarities Between Coffee and Love

Find Out the Similarities Between Coffee and Love

Do you love your cup of Joe in the morning, or can you simply not live without it? Everyone has a different relationship with their coffee, especially if you rely upon it to get you started to face your day. It’s no secret that Americans absolutely love their morning brew with the evidence of the long lines around any Starbucks in the city on your daily commute.

So what is it about coffee that makes it so darn enticing? Caffeine is the key ingredient that stimulates the heart rate, has mood altering benefits, and also increases mental focus. The United States is a country full of stimulation addicts, where people are addicted to electronics, video games, mobile phones, food, chocolate, and anything else enticing. Of course, this makes coffee the lesser of all of the evils, and it really is the favorite drug of choice for American coffee drinkers.

There is no wrong in having a love for your coffee, but you do need to question your relationship. There are people out there that have an unhealthy obsession with their morning Java, and drinking too much caffeine can cause liver problems, dehydration, increased blood pressure, and a stimulated nervous system. Side effects could include jitteriness, anxiety, and insomnia.

Of course, if you have a balanced and healthy relationship with your cup of Joe, it will leave you feeling pleasant and fulfilled. It is important to have quality versus quantity in how much coffee that you drink since a moderate amount, recommended by experts at 2 to 3 cups per day, provides antioxidants and disease preventative benefits.

It is interesting to think that the type of coffee that you choose could say a lot about you. If you are someone that loves a light roast of coffee, it often has more caffeine and characteristics than a darker roast. This is perfect for the passionate personality that wants a gentle and unique love relationship in real life. If you prefer a medium roast with fuller and deeper flavors, you may be someone who wants a mellow and relaxed love life. Dark roasts are complex, smoky, and full-bodied. This is similar to wanting intensity, passion, and edge in your relationship. If you are someone who prefers a varietal of blended coffee beans, you may prefer a relationship that is refined and selective in whom you choose to love in real life. Last of all, if you are someone who often enjoys a decaffeinated cup of Joe, that is a mild yet flavorful beverage. When compared to your love relationship in life, this is perfect for the person that craves tender and gentle love affairs.

What does your coffee of choice say about you? Do you have a healthy love for your morning cup of Joe? When you enjoy it in moderation, coffee offers health benefits, satisfaction, and energy to face the day.

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