Foodie Surprise Eggs Come With Edible Slime And Toys Inside

Getting a gift for a picky eater around the holidays can be hard because almost everything revolves around food. The same goes for Easter—it’s pretty customary for Easter baskets to be full of candies and other sweets. Thankfully, toys like Foodie Surprise Yolkies exist—when you open it up, what may look like an egg is actually crazy-fun slime.

These toys are very similar to the Surprise Mini Brands that started taking over the world internet in recent months. It’s essentially a plastic ball filled with random little toys that you can collect and, TBH, probably post about on TikTok. The internet is a weird place, we know.

Foodie Surprise Yolkies are the same sort of concept, with a plastic egg-shaped container that can be cracked open to reveal what’s inside. When you open them up, you get slime that (unlike most slimes) is actually totally safe to eat. It looks just like a raw egg, but it’s candy slime and the egg “yolk” is just a gummy candy. The other half of the egg comes with a collectable toy that basically looks like a cute little cartoon yolk dressed up in different food costumes.

If this sounds absurd, that’s because it kind of is, but it’s what the youths are into these days! There’s also a candy slime version of the egg that comes with colorful, edible slime, and fun mix-ins to add to it too.

You can find these in store at Walmart in Target, but because of their high demand they’re hard to come across in stock online. You gotta admit, slime you can play with and eat? It’s definitely something.

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