Four Options When Craving Lebanese Desserts

Four Options When Craving Lebanese Desserts

Do you miss Lebanese desserts? Do you crave them every day? If you do, rest assured you are not alone. You are one of many people obsessed about this great collection of desserts that is so tasty it makes everyone asking for more.

What is better than indulging yourself in the sweet taste of a Lebanese pastry? They are indeed high in calories and are not extremely healthy, but this is totally forgotten once you take the first bite. From that point on, it is one bite after the other, and one great taste after the other. The taste is so good it makes you forget about all the sugar syrup and butter in it. It is in fact these two ingredients that make it high in calories and that make it taste so good as well. It is in fact a double edge sword.

The question is what is the best Lebanese dessert when you are craving for a sweet treat? There are many options and variations, and each person has its own preferences. Some options are optimal however in different situations.


These cookies are best when you want to take the dessert with you and consume it on the go. You can take your Maamoul with you and eat it in your car, or you can take it to work and keep it for the dessert time. You can treat it like any other cookies, and thus you can really eat it anywhere and at anytime you like. It is moderately sweet and contains much less calories than many other Lebanese desserts. Thus, if you like something that has only moderate amounts of calories, this is a very good choice. There are many version of it also to choose from.


If you are craving something sweeter than Maamoul and you are willing to take in some more calories, Baklava in all its assorted types can be a very good choice. This collection also comprises many types, and you preference depends on your taste. Among the most popular are Asabi and Kol Weshkor, but Borma and Ballorieh for example are also very popular as well. Some of the assorted Baklava pieces are indeed sweeter than others, so you also have a spectrum of choice here as well depending on your desire for sweetness.


If you like extra sweet treats, Nammoura is your sweetest cake. This Lebanese dessert is soaked in sugar syrup and is as sweet as any treat can get. There is no Lebanese confection with more sugar than this one. A small piece is usually enough to make you say “enough”. This type of cake is very popular in the Middle East, and in Egypt in particular. Over there, it is called Basbousa. They are both the same thing, jus called differently in two different countries.


If you enjoy cheese filled desserts, Katayef is your friend. This Kashta filled confection is much desired during the month of Ramadan, even though many people enjoy around the entire year.

These are great choices when you are craving for a sweet treat, and can provide you instant gratification.

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