Gajar Ka Halwa To Rosbora – Herere 5 Traditional Desserts Made With Vegetables

Looking for ways to add some more vegetables to your diet? Dessert can probably be a great option for that. Yes, you heard it right! Vegetables have long been used to prepare various traditional sweet delicacies in different parts of India. From mooli ka halwa to lauki ki kheer – the list goes really long! These delicacies not only make a great option to you satiate your sweet cravings, but also add the benefits of the concerned vegetable to your diet. We bring you a list of popular vegetable-based desserts from across the country that can help you include some extra goodness of vegetables to your meal, that too with a flavourful twist. Read on!

Here’re 5 Traditional Indian Sweet Dishes Made With Vegetables:

Gajar Ka Halwa

Let’s admit it, gajar ka halwa is no less than a global sensation. Made with desi red carrot, oodles of ghee, sugar and nuts, this classic dessert has its roots in the food culture of Punjab. However, if you explore, you will find multiple recipes around, which give a healthy twist to this calorific dessert for guilt-free indulgence. Hence, we found a recipe of sugar free gajar ka halwa for you. Click here for the recipe.

Parwal Ki Mithai

This unique sweet dish from Bihar will surely make any one fall in love with pointed gourd (parwal)! In this dish the vegetable is de-skined, boiled and dunked in chasni to make it soft, tender and juicy. The sweet parwal is then filled with a delectable stuffing, made with khoya, dry fruits and nuts and more. If you too want to give this dish a try, here we have the recipe for you. Click here. 

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For most of us, a trip to Agra doesn’t seem complete without indulging in some soft and chewy petha. Made with ash gourd, sugar and water, this sweetmeat characterises the food culture of this city in Uttar Pradesh. Petha generally has a translucent texture and is eaten dry or dipped in chasni. However, you can also find different flavours and variants of this candied-sweet, including kesari petha, paan petha, chocolate petha and more. Here we bring a simple petha recipe to whip up at home. Click here for the recipe.

Kashi Halwa

Another example of ash gourd-based dessert, kashi halwa is soft, tender and melts in your mouth in no time. It is a famous dish in the Udupi food culture (the ‘vegetarian hub’ of Karnataka) and can be prepared at home with bare minimum ingredients. Click here for the recipe.

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Rosbora is one of the most common sweet dishes prepared in a traditional Bengali household. Made with sweet potato (or shakarkandi), this dish is soft, juicy and is quite similar to the texture of vada (of dahi vada). Find the recipe below (with ingredients):

Boil, de-skin and mash 3-4 sweet potaoes.

Add 2-3 tablespoon of rice flour/maida to the mashed potatoes and bind them together to make soft dough.

Make small balls out of the dough and fry them in oil (like pakoda).

Finally dunk the pakodas in a chasni, made with sugar and elaichi powder.

Prepare these vegetable-based sweets at home and satisfy you sweet-tooth anytime you want.

Happy cooking!

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