Goda Masala: Have You Tried This Authentic Maharashtrian Spice Yet

Indian cuisine is all about rich and tempting mix of spices.


  • Indian cuisine is a myriad mix of spices and local ingredients
  • Regional cuisines like Maharashtrian cuisine has many interesting spices
  • Goda masala is one such ingredient that is widely used in Maharashtra

Indian cuisine is all about indulgence! From Amritsari chicken curry to Hyderabadi Biryani, one can simply not resist any of it. But what makes these exquisite dishes so rich and delicious? Not just the effort and precision but also some exotic spices that are used in making rich Indian curries making Indian cuisine special.

The rich and tantalising Indian spices are massively popular all across the world. Be it the quintessential Indian spice mix garam masala, fiery red chilli powder or the tangy chaat masala -each one of them has its own fan base due to their unique flavours that they add to each dish. Maharashtrian cuisine, known for tantalising vada pav and flavourful curries, use much of local ingredients and freshly ground masalas.

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One of the most popular spice mixes from Maharashtra is the goda masala. It is a highlight in a range of Maharashtrian dishes due to its unique coconut flavour mixed with mouth-watering spices. One can find the use of goda masala in many street foods of Maharashtra like misal pav and aamti dal.

What Is Goda Masala?

Goda masala is a tempting mix of spices and seeds including sesame seeds, cumin seeds, asafoetida, cinnamon, red chilli, turmeric, cloves and cardamom. These spices are roasted and grounded with coconut and coriander seeds to a fine powder. One can make a batch of this masala and store in an airtight container, like all other spice mixes for a longer shelf life.

Goda masala is used to spruce up a range of Maharashtrian dishes. You can even use it in biryanis besides a simple dal for an added tangy flavour.

Click here to know the recipe of goda masala.

Here are few authentic Maharashtrian dishes made with goda masala that you can try at home:

1. Bharleli Vangi

Aubergines (baingan), sliced and stuffed with a mix of coconut, peanut powder, red chilli powder, goda masala and salt, cooked in true Maharashtrian style. Find the recipe here.

2. Pudachi Wadi

A besan snack to accompany you evening ccup of tea! Pudachi wada has a spicy filling of masalas including mustard seeds, cumin, asafoetida, turmeric and onion sauteed with ginger-garlic paste, green chilli paste, charoli, red chilli powder along with goda masala. Find the recipe here.

Make godi masala at home and spruce up your dishes. Let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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