Gordan Ramsay Made Breakfast Burritos With Ronda Rousey

Gordon Ramsay is well-known for being a world-famous TV chef, but fans may not know he has a pretty amazing online presence too. Besides tearing it up on TikTok and showing off his bod on Instagram, Gordon also has a YouTube series called Scrambled where he makes egg dishes with celebrity guests. Yes, really!

This week, he was joined by WWE star and former UFC fighter Ronda Rousey (though the episode was filmed in February, don’t worry!). The episode is pure chaos from the very beginning, with Gordon and Ronda high-fiving about a million times as they make breakfast burritos.

Ronda revealed that she runs her own farm, so she brought Gordon some fresh kobe beef and duck eggs. While Gordon admitted he was a bit scared to be cooking for her, the pair seemed to have a good time…that is until Ronda set off his smoke alarms. Happens to the best of us!!

In the end, they did make some delicious-looking burritos. After taking a bite, Ronda quipped that Gordon should “cook for a living,” and that’s when things REALLY took a turn. He challenged her to an arm wrestling contest (and playfully called her a bitch??). In the end, he won, but they proceeded to actually wrestle after that??? It’s a LOT! Just watch for yourself.

The video quickly rose on the YouTube charts and fans couldn’t get enough of these two. Do we smell a new cooking show?

“Gordon is more than a Chef, he’s a genius interviewer,” one person commented. “The collab we didn’t know we needed,” another said.

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