Guy Fieri’s New Show “Tournament Of Champions” Premieres Tonight

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but Guy Fieri can do ANYTHING. He can open up restaurants on land and by sea, he can rove around the country and find some of the best hidden gem restaurants around, I mean, he’s a freaking’ Funko Pop! Figurine, for crying out loud! And now the mayor of Flavortown is at the helm of a new TV show—and it’s unlike anything you’ve seen him do before.

The show is called Guy Fieri’s Tournament of Champions, and it turns out that name is a pretty good description of what happens in the show. Guy rounded up 16 of America’s top chefs, eight from the east coast, eight from the west, and arranged them bracket style, according to Food Network. Think March Madness but for food TV.

Each week, chefs will go head-to-head, with only one from each match-up making it to the next round, where they will face another competitor. You know how brackets work, it’s like that! The final two culinary stars will face off to see who is the ultimate champion.

But of course, there has to be some twists along the way. For one, they’re at the mercy of “the randomizer.” The chefs will spin the machine to find out exactly what they’ll be cooking during that round, so they won’t have too much time to prepare.

The judges will also be making their choices totally blind: They’ll have no idea whose food is in front of them while judging. They don’t even know who exactly is in the competition before it starts…which is good, because there are some familiar faces throwing their hats into the ring.

Food personalities like Top Chef‘s Marcel Vigneron, frequent Chopped judge Marc Murphy, and my queen Alex Guarnaschelli are just a few of the big names you’ll see on the bracket. With a roster this stacked, it’s anyone’s game.

Are you as pumped as I am?! You can catch the show on Food Network Wednesdays at 10 p.m. throughout its five-week run.

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