Healthy Vinaigrette Salad – Low-Calorie, Fat-Free & Guilt-Free

Healthy Vinaigrette Salad – Low-Calorie, Fat-Free & Guilt-Free

It is wonderful to stay healthy by eating salads with less calories and less fats to keep in shape. However, the world-famous ranch dressing is not so good to taste. I have therefore made my own vinaigrette that tastes better, plus a good salad that you can add to your healthy meal plans.

This vinaigrette costs only $1.00 for you to have your own delicious jarful of vinaigrette. In a bowl, you can put Hidden Valley farm vinaigrette, Good Seasons Italian Vinaigrette Mix, and two packages of Good Seasons Zesty Italian Vinaigrette Powder.

In addition to the recipe, you can add the following in the bowl:

1. One cup of fat free mayonnaise
2. Two cloves of crushed garlic
3. Two tablespoons of Parmesan cheese

This will help you to stay in shape instead of the regular full-fat mayonnaise that has a gram of fat in it. In this way, your own farm vinaigrette is tastier and more delicious than the farm vinaigrette that you can buy in the groceries. This can be added to your daily meals since it is healthy and you can enjoy your salad without guilt of increasing weight.

All the ingredients have little fat. There is a small amount of calories because of the Parmesan cheese, but it is still good for your diet. The good thing about this vinaigrette is it tastes more natural and you cannot taste the preservatives.

The best thing about this vinaigrette is that it tastes better a few days after refrigerating it because of the garlic and cheese. The texture is thick and it can cover the flavor of the lettuce and the other vegetables in your salad.

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