Whoever said “less is more” was obviously not talking about chocolate flavors. Whether it’s a peanut butter cup or a chocolate-covered anything, ratio is everything. Hershey’s gets us on that, and have made their fan fave cookies ‘n’ creme kisses with even more cookies in them now.

Hershey’s cookies ‘n’ creme chocolate bars are made with crunchy chocolate cookie bits inside of a smooth white creme. The kisses version are the same thing just in the shape of a Hershey’s kiss. The shape of a kiss mess with the ratio a bit, making them more creme heavy than chocolatey, but that’s all about to change.

The new bags of the cookies ‘n’ creme kisses are labeled with a note saying “now with more cookies.” Each chocolate comes individually wrapped, too, so they’re easy to share and won’t melt into one huge chunk if they’re left out.

The revamped version of the chocolate was spotted by Instagram user @snackbetch at Walmart. @Snackbetch confirmed that these are “STUFFED with cookie pieces!” so it’s safe to say the more cookies note is accurate. In a photo that was posted to the Snackbetch page, some of the kisses have been unwrapped and you can see all of the cookie bits inside of each bite.

People in the comments section were hyped about the news, sayings that they always thought the kisses could use more cookies inside of them, but one user summed it up best saying, “I need these like yesterday.” Same, girl, same.

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