Hershey’s S’mores Crunch Ice Cream Bars Exist In Japan

Sometimes it seems like other countries get all the good junk food, like Mexican Coca-Cola and hot dog-stuffed Pizza Hut pizza. Need another good reminder that we’re missing out on tons of great stuff here in the States? Japan has something called Hershey’s S’mores Crunch Ice Bars.

The bars were spotted by Instagram account @JunkFoodOnTheGo in Tokyo and dang—why aren’t they available here?! “Hershey’s S’mores Crunch Ice Bars are available in Family Mart stores in Japan!! @hersheys @familymart.japan Would you want to try this?!?” they wrote.

People in the comments were clearly feeling the pain. “See Japan always gets the good stuff,” one person wrote. “No fair,” said another. “Japan does it better than the US. im cryingg 😰🇺🇸🇺🇸,” someone else said.

Apparently at least one person has actually gotten their hands on this gem because they wrote-slash-gloated, “This is so tasty 😋.”

The bar has what appears to be vanilla ice cream coated in a chocolate layer with graham cracker pieces. But here’s where it gets next level: It actually has a marshmallow filling in the center, according to @JunkFoodOnTheGo.

So, yeah. This isn’t currently available in the U.S. and, short of hopping on a plane to Japan, you’re kind of SOL. Still, you could try to recreate it by grabbing a Hershey’s ice cream bar, slapping a piece of graham cracker on the side, and dipping the whole thing into melted marshmallows…who am I kidding? That’s not even close.

But good for people in Japan! I’m happy for them. Really.

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