High-Protein Breakfast: Herere 4 Of The Best Oats Options To Kick-Start Your Day

High-Protein Breakfast: Here're 4 Of The Best Oats Options To Kick-Start Your Day

Health benefits of oats need no separate introduction! It is loaded with protein, minerals, fibre and several essential nutrients that lay the foundation stone for a fit mind and body. Hence, a bowl of oats makes a healthy breakfast choice for many. This cereal is commonly eaten as oatmeal or rolled oats and has several healthy recipes to its credits. Some popular oats-based breakfast recipes include porridge, cheela, pancake and more. All these dishes are easy, fuss-free and help you put together a quick meal in the time-pressed mornings. Hence, we all love to keep a stash of oats in our kitchen pantry, for whenever we need them. Read on.

Here’re 4 Oats Options For You:

Quaker Oats

This packet of Quacker Oats comes in a ‘mega-value pack’ (with 500 gram extra) and can help you prepare a yummy bowl of porridge in just a few minutes.

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DiSano Oats

DiSano oats is made of 100 percent wholegrain oats and is ideal to include in your oats cheela or oats idli recipes. It is also dubbed to a good choice for the ones looking for gluten-free options for their everyday meal.


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Saffola Masala Oats

If you are looking for a quick-fix for your hunger pangs, then Saffola Masala Oats is the right option for you! This ready-to-eat packet includes spicy masala and the goodness of wholegrain oats and vegetables. All you need to do is- boil some Saffola Masla Oats in water and prepare yourself a hearty and wholesome meal in a jiffy.

Slurrp Farm Organic Cereal

Kids-special meal, this box of oats by Slurrp includes no added sugar or preservatives. You can also add it the regular flour to give a healthy-spin to your chapatti or bread.

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