High-Protein Diet: Make Restaurant-Style Soya Chaap Sticks At Home (Recipe Inside)

High-Protein Diet: Make Restaurant-Style Soya Chaap Sticks At Home (Recipe Inside)

Protein Diet: Restaurant-style soya sticks can be easily made at home with this recipe.


  • Soya chaap curry is a great recipe to try and make at home
  • Restaurant-style soya chaap sticks can be easily prepared in the kitchen
  • Try and make soya chaap sticks using this simple recipe

Soya is one of the most versatile beans, which is a great source of plant-based protein for vegetarians. This makes soya it a must-include food in a high-protein diet, especially if we’re vegetarians. We often struggle to find soya recipes that we can easily make at home. Restaurant-style soya chaap is a recipe that seems hard to make by oneself, but is actually quite simple. This recipe explores how to make restaurant-style soya chaap at home in just a few easy steps.

Soya chaap curry is a delightful recipe that is perfect to be pamper your guests with at a dinner party. Raw or semi-cooked soya chaap sticks are necessary for the recipe, and they are easily available in the market; but with this recipe, you need not look for it anywhere. Soya chaap sticks in NDTV Food’s exclusive YouTube recipe are made from scratch with two kinds of pastes – actual soya beans and soya bean chunks. Both are ground separately to make a fine paste. The paste is then combined together into a composite dough with a little bit of maida and salt.

As for the next steps, soya chaap sticks are made just like a regular chapatti. The dough is rolled into a flat chapatti-like shape, and cut into long pieces, about two inches thick. Each of the pieces is then rolled onto an ice cream stick. Contrary to popular belief that soya chaap is fried; the soya chaap sticks can be made by just immersing in boiled water and cold water after that. And just like that, your soya chaap sticks are ready! This breakthrough soya recipe will give you the much-needed protein that is a basic building-block for your body, and can also act as a medium to try many more soya recipes at home with soya chaap sticks.

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