High Protein Diet: This Unique Dal Ki Chutney Packs Goodness Of 4 Lentils! Tried It Yet?

Chutney is one of the few Indian foods that has earned its place not only in our hearts but also in the Oxford Dictionary. It is a distinct Indian relish made with a variety of herbs, veggies and chillies. There are so many different kinds of chutney that it is hard to keep a count, the most popular ones that we know of are dhaniya-pudina chutney, imly ki chutney, tomato chutney and coconut chutney. But what if we tell you, you can also use your dals to make yourself a yummy chutney? Yes, you heard us! The lentils in your kitchen pantry are so versatile that you can use it to make a gamut of dishes, so why stick to your run-off-the-mill dal preparations?

This dal ki chutney recipe by chef Niru Gupta is made with a variety of lentils, roasted dhania, cumin seeds, chillies, onions and curry leaves. The chutney can be served with rice and any gravy dish. It has a thick consistency and a very rich flavour and why not! The dal combines the goodness of not one or two but four lentils. Moong, arhar, urad and chana dal are roasted and mixed with oil, sarso, kadhi patta and onions to make this quick and easy chutney.

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Lentils are a great source of plant-based protein and antioxidants. Protein is often called the building-block of life. Protein helps satiate you and prevent you from over-eating. It helps speed up your metabolism and keep cravings at bay. Dieticians and nutritionists often recommend adding more protein to one’s diet, for its role in sustainable weight loss. It is very easy to lose a significant amount of kilos, but the real challenge is to sustain the weight loss, a protein-rich diet helps you do that that.

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Moong dal, one of India’s most beloved dal, contains about 22 grams of protein per 100 grams. Similarly, arhar, chana and urad dal too come packed with protein and a treasure of other vitamins and minerals. Here’s the recipe of the dal ki chutney.

Make sure you wash your dal well before using it. It is also a good idea to purchase organic dal to make sure they are free of pesticides and colour. The smoky dal ki chutney is sure to enliven your spread and strike a chord with kids and adults, alike. Try it at home and let us know how you liked it!

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