Holi 2020: Give Your Gujiyas A Baked Twist With These Quick And Easy Recipes

Gujiyas are quintessential sweetmeats prepared duing the festival of Holi.


  • Holi is just around the corner and it’s time to feast on delicious dishes
  • Gujiya is synonymous to the festival and is made across Indian homes
  • Deviate from the deep-fried treat and prepare baked gujiyas at home

With Holi just about a few days away, we are prepping up for the festival with vibrant colours, pichkaris and some delightful food and drinks to indulge in. From tangy kanji vadas, lip-smacking bhallas and bhaang to decadent gujiyas, there are a plenty of food, making it impossible for us to not binge in the festive spirit. But what is Holi anyway without some mouth-watering food? While we love to gorge on all things fried and greasy around the festive season, the regret that comes with each bite remains constant. Over the years with each festive season we have become more and more conscious about what we eat and how much we eat in order to reach our weight loss goals. We tend to avoid a lot of fried foods, foods with excess calories and so on. Even though Holi is all about tasty, lip-smacking foods, we understand how we all would like to let go and enjoy the treats guilt-free. And to help you celebrate the festivities in a balanced way, we’ve got you covered with two baked gujiya recipes that are not deep-fried yet extremely satiating.

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Gujiyas are flaky sugary delights, filled with khoya and dried fruits and are popular across north India. While they are mostly crispy and deep-fried, you’ll be surprised to know that it tastes equally amazing even when baked. Here are two baked gujiya recipes that you can try at home.

Easy Baked Gujiya Recipes:

Baked Gujiya

Stuffed with the goodness of dried fruits like raisins along with crunchy cashews, elaichi, coconut powder, sugar and khoya, these baked gujiyas are rolled into a fine covering of maida and salt laced with margarine. It is then baked to perfection! Find the recipe here.


Indulge in the goodness of nuts and dry fruits with this baked sweet treat.

Baked Chocolate Gujiya

This one is definitely going down for the kids! Stuffed with a mix of nuts, dried fruits, khoya, sugar and melted chocolate, these gujiyas are baked to perfection, laced in chocolate from one side and served with generous garnishing of pistachios. Find the recipe here.


A decadent chocolatey goodness baked to perfection.

Slurping already? Try them at home to serve at your holi party and let us know the experience in the comments section.

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