Holi 2020: This Chawal Chakli Could Be A Savoury Addition To Your Holi Spread

Holi 2020: This Chawal Chakli Could Be A Savoury Addition To Your Holi Spread

Chakli (or Murukku) is one of India’s most beloved snacks of all time. A chai-time staple, chaklis is a crispy, savoury snack that appears like a coiled ribbon. It is traditionally deep-fried but nowadays you can get baked versions in the market too. While we really do not need any excuse to binge on the crispy treat, but finding them on our Holi spread would definitely take the festive vibe a notch higher. You would be surprised to know that it is fairly easy to make chakli at home. And this recipe posted on the YouTube Channel, ‘Cook With Reshu’ is one handy guide you can use.

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Take one cup of regular rice. Soak in water for 2-3 hours. Next, you are supposed to wash them thoroughly. Add the rice in the cooker, add water in the cooker, the quantity of water should be four times the rice you have taken. Add salt, 1/4th black pepper powder, also add some oil so that your chaklis are soft, and some baking soda (optional). Cook in medium to high flame. Once the rice is cooked, mash it well. Add more water if the mixture is seeming too thick. Let it cool down a bit, but not completely. Fill the warm mixture in a loose packet, cut one end of the packet to use it a cone to make coiled structures. Once you are successfully able to churn out a few on a plastic sheet (make sure you glaze it with oil first); sun-dry it for a few hours. Now fry them. Your chakli is ready to be served.

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Serve this delicious home-made chakli to your guests and have a very Happy Holi!

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