Holi 2020: Try This Quirky Jalebi Chaat Recipe At Home For Your Holi Party


  • Holi is just around the corner and it’s time to feast on delicious dishes
  • From gujiya to kanji to chilled thandai, we simply can’t have them enough
  • Here is a chaat recipe with a sweet twist that you can try at home

The festive season is right here with Holi being celebrated across India tomorrow, March 10, 2020. The festival of colours is largely about vibrant colours of gulaal, song and dance, and food — loads of food! Festivities and food go hand-in-hand; and the festival of Holi is no different. While thandai, kanji vada and gujiyas are a trademark Holi indulgences, one dish that none of us can ever resist is the quintessential chaat.

From street food special dahi bhalla and papdi chaat to tantalising paani puri, there is simply so much to lay our hands on and so much to be excited about the festival. And while speaking of street food, we cannot forget many Indian sweets like sugary jalebi. The coiled sweetmeat is one of the most popular traditional Indian desserts relished on many festive occasions. So much so that there are now multiple versions of the sweet; it is even eaten with dollops of rabdi on top. But you’ll be surprised to know that it can be a part of chaat as well!

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paneer jalebi

We’ve got an amazing jalebi chaat recipe here that can actually change the way you look at jalebi! While it is nowhere close to the traditional jalebi flavours, it has a great balance of sweet and tangy with refreshing flavours of mint. Jalebi chaat is prepared with a thick batter of urad dhuli dal peethi and water which is deep-fried to circles in hot oil. It is then tossed with a string of spices including chaat masala along with mint and tamarind chutney. Right before serving it is garnished with sweetened curd, potato and chana mixture and microgreens that make the dish look exceptionally appetising!

Jalebi chaat is a perfect dish to prepare this Holi season. With the burst of sweet and spicy flavours, this can be a delicious indulgence to go with a burst of vibrant colours that the festival brings with itself. Find the recipe of jalebi chaat here, try at home and let us know you liked it in the comments section below.

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