How to Cure Canker Sores Quickly With Green Tea

How to Cure Canker Sores Quickly With Green Tea

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Do you have an infected mouth and do not know how to cure canker sores? Green tea can help you treat them and get rid of them. In this article you will learn how you can do it in a simple and practical way. Do not stop reading!

What are canker sores, or postemillas?

Canker sores are ulcers that can form anywhere in the mouth. Generally, they are usually small in size, but they are quite painful and annoying. If you ask yourself, why did they come out? The answer is that they can be caused by stress, an unbalanced diet, hormonal changes, low defenses, deficiency of some nutrient or due to an allergy to some food.

If you are a fan of tea, you should already know that it is a highly curative drink, since it has exceptional properties and medicinal benefits. For this reason, it is used as a natural remedy to treat numerous conditions and health problems.

One of the latest developments in the science of tea, is that through new research it was known that its consumption and topical application, can be very useful to treat different oral diseases, especially canker sores.

How to treat canker sores? Fortunately, tea can help you heal canker sores quickly. Find out in the following paragraphs.

What is good for canker sores

As I mentioned in previous paragraphs, green tea has great healing properties, where its great antimicrobial and analgesic power stands out. For this reason, green tea is considered one of the best home remedies for postemillas and wounds in the mouth.

Deflates the affected area. Green tea is rich in antioxidant compounds, which act as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents.

Eliminates bacteria Its bacterial properties not only help you eliminate canker sores, but also prevent them from coming back in a short time.

Protects from cancerous tumors of the mouth. In a study conducted at the University of Texas, it was found that the consumption of tea extract can slow the growth of precancerous lesions in the mouth, avoiding oral cancer.

All good, but how to cure a canker sore with green tea?

Remedy for green tea canker sores

Of the home remedies for sores, without a doubt green tea is one of the most potent and effective. How to use green tea to cure sores in the mouth and tongue? Follow the following instructions.

Topical use

Prepare a tea on a regular basis.

Remove the bag and let it cool or place it in the refrigerator for a few minutes until you can apply it to your mouth.

Take the cold green tea bag and pass it over the canker sores gently.

Let it rest for 10 minutes.

Repeat this treatment two or three times a day to cure sores on the tongue completely.

Oral use

To get its antibacterial benefits, drink a cup of green tea after lunch or dinner and swish with a mouthwash.

Other therapeutic benefits of tea

Just as green tea is one of the most powerful remedies for canker sores, it can also help you treat and prevent other diseases. To get a clear idea of the great benefits of green tea for health, I recommend you take a look at the following suggestions.

Prevents diseases of the mouth and eyes. You will discover different ways to benefit from the healing properties of this variety of Camellia Sinensis, through its external use.

Soothes the skin with psoriasis. You will discover that some components of tea have the ability to regulate the growth of cells, preventing them from becoming too thick and from origin to this skin disease.

It improves acne. You will know that the galate epigallocatechins that green tea has are responsible for this benefit. Since there is scientific evidence that these antioxidant compounds are capable of reducing the sebaceous production of the skin. You will discover how and how much tea you should consume daily to achieve the healing of this condition.

Soothes the skin with rosacea. One of the most important properties of this healthy drink is its high content of antioxidants, capable of rejuvenating skin cells. The extract of Tai Ping Hou Kui Tea contains these virtues and is for this reason that it can help you treat the skin with rosacea. Here you will know how to consume it and apply it to obtain this benefit.

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