How to Make a Coffee Bar To Start Your Morning Right

Mornings can be rough, especially when you need to be at work early, have young kids who did not sleep well, or were up too late watching Netflix. Set your kitchen up with a coffee bar right in your kitchen to start your morning off on the right foot and tackle your to do list of the day without having to fumble around with coffee grounds, buttons, and finding a clean mug in the half awake state of the early morning hours.

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Choose A Space

The best part about setting up a coffee bar in your house is that you have a designated area devoted to your morning pick me up. Whether this is a section of your kitchen counter, or you purchase a cute little stand, you want to make make your coffee bar a permanent fixture in your home you can rely on.

Add a Motivational Quote

To help put some pep in your step while you wait for the caffeine to brew and kick in, pick a motivational quote in the form of a poster that you can put on the wall by your coffee bar. If you do not want to commit to any one saying, opt for one of those rip off calendars of quotes that you can muse over as you wait for your drink.

Include Options

No morning is the same, so make sure you have options in your coffee. Using Folgers k-cups, you can have a range of flavors to choose from to start your day. This is even better if you have guests come over as they can pick their own flavor as well and are not saddled to your own preference.

Make It Welcoming

While a coffee bar should be practical, it should also be welcoming. Having a small lamp that gives off soft light and a little succulent, or house plant, can make the space even more inviting especially on those early mornings when no one is ready to be awake.

Have Mugs At The Ready

The dishwasher may not be unloaded, but you want to be sure you keep your coffee bar stocked with clean coffee mugs that are ready to go. Even better if you also have a place to house your to go mugs near your coffee station for those busy days when you are running out of the house.

Include Accessories

Skip the scrambling around the kitchen for spoons and stirring sticks and have them placed at your coffee bar either in a drawer or on the counter in holders. You also want to be sure you have creamer, sugar, tea, and honey nearby for those who want to add them. Wherever you put a coffee bar in your home, and no matter how much or little you include in it, you are sure to find it as a relaxing spot that brings you so much joy as you wake up for your day.