How To Make Authentic Besan Ka Cheela For A Light Breakfast

Cheela is mostly made with besan or moong batter.


  • Cheela is a popular desi breakfast staple
  • Cheela can be made with minimal oil
  • Cheela can be incredibly versatile too

A light and delicious breakfast can set you up for a great start, so why would you want to ruin a good day by tucking into something overtly spicy and heavy? Or, skipping breakfast altogether? Breakfast is often called the most important meal of the day; it helps refuel and revitalise you after a long slumber, kick-start your metabolism and keep you satiated for the first half of the day, keeping lethargy at bay. A healthy breakfast has been linked to weight-loss benefits too.

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In India, breakfast is mostly seen as a greasy affair. An extra dollop of butter on parathas, bhaturas dripping with oil, and deep-fried kachoris– are some of the visuals that come to mind the moment one mentions ‘Indian breakfast’. But, you would be surprised to know that there are a plethora of light options that are both desi and delectable. Cheela, for instance, is an Indian version of really thin pancake or crepe that is often consumed for breakfast. There are plenty of reasons why it rules our breakfast spread. For starters, it is healthy. If made with less oil, cheela could keep you full and replenish you with essential nutrients. Cheela is mostly made with besan or moong batter. Besan is gluten-free flour, packed with great amount of fibre. Moong on the other hand is replete with protein. Another reason why cheela is so massively popular is because it is super easy and quick to prepare at home and offers enough room for experiment. If you do not like plain cheela, you can infuse it with goodness of greens and spices. You can also stuff it with aloo or paneer. Cheela is also easy to eat; if you are pressed for time, you can roll it up and have it on the go.

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Cheela usually requires less oil to prepare, but it is still advisable to use a non-stick pan to fry your cheela. It is also not advisable to pour the batter on very hot pan; it may not give you enough time to spread the batter evenly.  Here’s the recipe of besan ka cheela that you can try at home. The classic recipe will surely help ward off morning blues and prep you up for your day.  Try making this recipe at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below. 

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