How to Make Home Made Tea With Menthol Crystals

Today I’m going to be talking about making home made tea. We’ll be discussing how to make it from loose leaf tea and infuser balls. We’ll be discussing the benefit of making home made tea vs buying from tea/coffee restaurants like Starbucks or Coffee bean. We’ll be talking about what you need to buy in order to make home made tea, and the process of making it. Let’s get started.

Why make it at home? First of all, going to Starbucks and purchasing an organic black tea, every morning, is a $3 a day habit, $18 a week, $936 a year habit. That’s a ridiculous amount of money, even if you’re only drinking half of that amount, it’s still ridiculous! Making it at home is just way more efficient financially. You must also be aware of the social/cool aspect of Starbucks. There’s some validation you might be getting by going there and buying a drink, like it feels good to you. Let go of that and open your mind to other possibilities.

Another reason making home made tea is awesome is you can put whatever you want in it! Make your own concoction. My favorite thing is menthol crystals. It’s the stuff that makes gum taste so good, the cool airy-fresh flavor in mint-based stuff. It’s soothing on the throat and lungs. You can buy menthol crystals in bulk, along side loose leaf selections like organic black tea or irish breakfast tea, and put them together in an infuser ball.. Steep them for 1-2 minutes while you organize your kitchen or something before work, and you have a high quality tea for dirt cheap.

Some things you’ll need to buy are loose leaf teas like Irish breakfast tea or organic black tea. These have a decent amount of caffeine (about 30mg each). Remember, they’re dark teas so they’re essentially coffee alternatives.

Some special ways to make tea better are including non-tea ingredients in your ‘concoction’, so that’s stuff like menthol crystals, chamomile flowers, spearmint or peppermint. Makes green tea taste excellent, especially.

In conclusion, making tea at home is just way more efficient financially, and it’s also really fun, but most importantly its dynamic because you can make your own mixtures of teas and try new things. It’s really easy to get started, to be afraid of trying something new. Get some menthol crystals and some loose leaf organic black tea and have at it.

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