How To Maximize Gas Grill Efficiency

How To Maximize Gas Grill Efficiency

Nothing beats easy cooking quite like using an efficient gas grill. Most households today are not equipped with a propane or natural gas-powered grill. These grills are preferred by many homeowners because of their user-friendly features and functions.

On the other hand, people who are on a tight budget might not like shelling out money to buy another tank of propane. In comparison to natural gas, propane costs more. But the thing is, you can do a lot of things to maximize the efficiency of your grill. Here are some tips you would want to try:

1. Clean the venturi of the grill. This is arguably the center of the gas functions of the machine. If the venturi is clogged or it is not functioning well, gas will not flow easily to the grill.

2. Clean the burner holes. Make sure the holes are not clogged by debris. Use a small rod and poke the holes of the burner to get rid of debris. This will clear the pathway of gas so you can heat up the grill grates easily.

3. Calibrate the regulator of the gas tank. Make sure it is working correctly. If gas is leaking elsewhere, you might waste power source. Moreover, leaking propane gas is dangerous. It might rise into the air and might cause explosion. You might want to try rubbing soap to the hoses and the parts of the tank close to the venturi. Bubbles will appear on the leaky areas.

4. When cooking, turn the grill on and set it up to its highest temperature setting. Let it work in heating up the grates for about 5 minutes. This will make sure that you will get a good cooking surface. You can turn the temperature down to the right setting.

5. Cook by batches. If you are cooking big pieces of meat and poultry, do not crowd the grill surface as overcrowding it lowers the temperature down. It might slow down the cooking process. However, if you want to cook sea foods like shrimps or scallops, overcrowding the surface should be okay. Sea foods cook rather easily.

6. When grilling during a windy day, keep an eye on your gas grill. The wind might blow out the fire from the burner and this might cause gas to leak. Ask someone to check the grill if you have to do something else.

In addition to these tips, you might also want to use a gas grill that has a good BTU and cooking surface proportion. This way, heat can be properly distributed and you can cook with ease.

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