Indian Cooking Tips: 3 Ways To Spruce Up Your Simple Aloo Jeera Recipe


  • You can add aloo jeera as the filling for your egg roll
  • If you have some left-over aloo jeera, make sandwich with it
  • Spice up regular fried rice with aloo jeera

Potato, undoubtedly, is one of the most loved vegetable by all. From the most comfortable food to the most exotic ones, potato can be turned into any dish you want. If we talk about comfortable food with potato, one of the most common names that pop-up in mind is ‘aloo jeera’. It boasts a fan base of all age- from kids to adults. The best part about this soul stirring food is, this dish can easily be prepared by even an amateur in not even 15 minutes. All you need to do is, enjoy it with hot chapatis or rice. But did you ever think of giving a twist to this simple aloo jeera?

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Here We Bring You 3 Quick And Easy Recipe That Can Spruce Up Your Simple Aloo Jeera:

Aloo Jeera Roll:

Roll is a dish that never fails to impress anybody. Imagine adding the comfort of aloo jeera to the ever-tasty rolls. You can add aloo jeera as the filling for your egg roll (click here for egg roll recipe) or can make stand-alone aloo jeera roll at home in no time. For making aloo jeera roll, all you need are- a roti, aloo jeera, some chopped onion, tomato and cucumber, lemon juice, tomato ketchup and salt-and-pepper.


Step 1- Take a roti, set aloo jeera as filling.

Step 2-Add the veggies (chopped onion, tomato and cucumber).

Step 3- Put some ketchup, lemon juice and salt-and pepper.

Step 4-Roll it and enjoy!

This aloo jeera roll can be a healthy yet tasty addition to your child’s lunch-box.


Aloo Jeera Sandwich:

The best part about aloo is, it can fit anywhere you want. So if you have some left-over aloo jeera from your lunch or dinner meal, just make a sandwich out of it for evening snacks or breakfast.


Step 1-Mash the aloo jeera.

Step 2-Set as sandwich filling on a bread slice.

Step 3-Putsome ketchup, lettuce, onion and tomato on that.

Step 4-Add a cheese slice and press with the other bread and toast with some butter on a pan.

Surprise your family with flavourful sandwich for breakfast.


Fried Aloo Jeera Rice:

Kids, many a times, throw tantrums with food; especially with the home-made ones (Imagine feeding dal-chawal to the child!). What do you do then? Just spice it up! This fried aloo jeera rice can be a good option for you!


Step 1-Heat some oil/ghee in kadhai.

Step 2-Add hing, jeera and dry red chilli.

Step 3-Add the aloo jeera and some boiled soybean chunks and mix.

Step 4-Add rice and fry well.

You can also add egg bhurji (click here for recipe) instead of soybean chunks. Enjoy it will ketchup or chutney or curd, as per your choice!


Now on, if you have some left over aloo-jeera at home, use that and make these yummy dishes!

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