Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Naan Without Yeast At Home (Recipe Video)

Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Naan Without Yeast At Home (Recipe Video)


  • Naan is one of the most popular Indian breads.
  • You can make it easily at home for a special meal.
  • This recipe video shares how to make naan without adding yeast.

Indian cuisine consists of various breads that we pair with our spicy, flavourful curries and dry sabzi. Plain roti, paratha, poori, naan, bhatura – there are so many options to choose from. Roti and paratha is what we have every day but when we want to treat our taste buds to something special, then we move to other breads like naan or poori. Butter naan is something that can go with any sabzi, curry or dal. The fluffy texture and smoky flavour of naan is something we all love. If you too love this bread but don’t know how to make it, here is a recipe that can help you make butter naan in your own kitchen, and that too without adding yeast!

Food vlogger Reshu posted this amazing recipe on her YouTube channel ‘Cooking With Reshu’. The recipe shows how to make butter naan without yeast at home in some easy steps. You have to add maida, baking soda, curd along with other usual ingredients to make a soft dough. No yeast is added. You have to keep the dough for at least three hours to let it rise before making naan. 

The recipe video dishes out some useful tips to easily make the perfect naan at home. You can make it whenever you have guests coming over for dinner or on Sundays to lay out a special meal for your family. Watch the recipe video for step-by-step instructions to make this popular Indian bread that will enhance any meal it is paired with. 

Recipe video of naan without yeast –

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