Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Quick Besan Ke Laddoo At Home

Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Quick Besan Ke Laddoo At Home

Besan is a flour made from chickpeas

If India is a land of festivals, then ladoos are one of the most iconic festive staples that make these festivals worth looking forward to. Ladoos are sphere-shaped sweet treats mostly made with flour, ghee, nuts, jaggery or sugar. Ladoos are of many kinds, and one of the most popular type of ladoo is besan ka ladoo. It is the crown jewel of all Halwai shops up North India. The sweetmeat is made with fine besan or chickpea flour and oodles of ghee and sugar, it is moulded in form of ladoos and before it is placed on racks outside these Halwai shops to lure visitors. Unlike motichoor laddo, besan ka ladoo has a slightly more firm exterior which ultimately melts-in-mouth if it is fresh. What if we tell you that making besan ladoos is possible within four corners of your house, and we have just the right recipe that could help you out.

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This besan ka laddoo recipe is quick and requires nothing that you would not find easily around your house. So don your apron and get started, for you and your family are in for a very desi and delish surprise. Since you are making these ladoos at home, you can tweak the ingredients and recipe as per your liking, if you wish you can cut back on ghee. But it is advisable that you do not use unhealthy fats like dalda, ghee is a proven to be a much healthier fat in comparison.

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