Indian Cooking Tips: Make Flavourful Kofta Out Of Left-Over Rice (Recipe Inside)


  • Word kofta comes from the term koftan
  • Dry variation of the koftas is considered as kebabs
  • Veg koftas are more popular in India

What do you feel when we say kofta? Does it sound lip-smacking? We are sure it does! For the unversed, kofta actually is an Asian version of meatball. It is said that the word kofta comes from the term ‘koftan’ which means ‘to pound’ or ‘to grind’. This basically means the ground meat used for meatballs. In India, koftas can be both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. It is usually cooked in a spicy gravy and eaten with rice or roti. The dry variation of the koftas is considered as kebabs. Veg koftas are more popular in India and are usually made with bottle gourd, paneer, raw banana and more such foods.

Surely malai kofta, nargisi kofta and paneer kofta are the well-known ones. But did you ever think of making koftas with left-over rice? In most of the houses, you will always find some extra rice left after a meal. We generally give that to someone or make fried rice with that. Rice kofta is a new addition to the list. So, from now on, whenever you see extra rice left after a meal, make kofta curry with it and serve it as a side dish during dinner or in tiffin.

Here Is The Recipe For Rice Kofta:


Rice- one cup

Boiled potato- two

Besan (Bengal gram flour)-two tablespoons

Ginger- two teaspoons (finely sliced)

Green chilli- one teaspoon (finely chopped)

Fresh coriander leaves- two teaspoons (finely chopped)

Red chilli powder- half teaspoon

Amchur (dry mango) powder- one teaspoon

Salt- to taste

Oil- to fry


Put a cupful of rice in the mixer grinder and make a paste out of it.

Take it in a bowl.

Add boiled potatoes, besan, ginger, green chillies, coriander leaves, red chilli powder, amchur powder and salt and mix them well.

Make small balls out of the dough and deep fry the koftas.

Strain them on serving plate.

This was a quick and easy recipe for koftas. You can add mawa and crushed nuts on the dough to enhance the taste of the koftas.

If you can use gobindobhog rice or scented basmati rice, the kofta will release a richer aroma.

You can have the koftas as it is or can make curry with it. Here’s a recipe of kofta curry for your reference.

Enjoy the rice koftas with roti or paratha and let us know your feedback!

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