Indian Cooking Tips: Make Street-Style, Refreshing Fruit Chaat At Home This Summer


  • Fruit chaat can be considered as a healthier option street-food option
  • This recipe can include any fruit of your choice
  • Fruits are superfoods, considered to be potent sources of nutrients

India is known for its street foods, especially its various kinds of chaats. If you notice closely, the chaat menu changes from region to region – papdi chaat in north India and dahi vada in southern India. However, there’s a kind of chaat which you can find in every region of the country – from extreme south to extreme north; and that is fruit chaat. It is basically a combination of various fruits mixed together with spices. Fruit chaat can any day be considered as a healthier option among all the street-foods available across the country, as fruits are superfoods, which are considered to be potent sources of essential nutrients. The only thing that concerns every person who thinks of opting for the fruit chaats from the street-vendors is its hygiene. It has always been said that fruits should not be cut and kept for long as they lose the nutrient-content. On that note, heat, light and oxygen are some of the most important factors which lead to loss of nutrient from cut fruits.

Hence, we bring you the recipe for street-style fruit chaat, which can easily be made at home in no time. This recipe can include any fruit of your choice and since it is chaat, spices can be mixed as per your taste buds. The recipe we are sharing includes some of the most common fruits used in street-style fruit chaat.

Here’s The Recipe For Street-Style Fruit Chaat:

Serves: two


Banana- one (sliced)

Papaya- half cup (small cubes)

Water melon- half cup (small cubes)

Pineapple- half cup (thin slices)

Pomegranate- half

Apple- half (sliced)

Star fruit- half (small pieces)

Chaat masala- as per taste

Black salt- as per taste

Lemon juice- two tablespoons

Roasted jeera powder- one-and-half teaspoon

Powdered sugar- half teaspoon (optional)


Step 1- Take the fruits in a bowl.

Step 2- Add the masalas and powdered sugar and mix.

Step 3- Add lemon juice and mix well and serve.

This fruit chaat can be an ideal platter for your evening time cravings. Enjoy!

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