Indian Cooking Tips: This No-Bake Eggless Milk Pudding Can Be A Sweet Addition To Your Meal (Recipe Video Inside)


  • Dessert puddings are basically rich dairy-based dessert
  • Food has always worked well to uplift mood for every person every time
  • This no-bake milk pudding is also egg-less

Amidst the current situation where the whole world is on a quarantine mode in the wake of COVID-19, what can come as a relief or a stress buster to people is some good food. If you notice closely, food has always worked well to uplift mood for every person every time, especially something sweet. Imagine that tub of ice-cream or a whole slab of chocolate on those days of blues! Hence, we bring you another recipe that can sweeten up your days of isolation – it’s milk pudding, and that too eggless.

For the unversed, it is said that pudding, as viewed in the modern days is a kind of dessert, evolved over years. It was originally used to describe savoury dishes, either salty or spicy, which was a part of the main meal. Dessert puddings are basically rich dairy-based dessert (for example, rice pudding).

With pudding, what first comes in mind is baking. But this recipe, as shared by vlogger Parul, on her Youtube channel ‘Cook With Parul’, needs no baking skill or essentials. Add on to this is the no-bake milk pudding is egg-less and needs very minimum ingredients to prepare. Hence, this can be a perfect sweet dish to satisfy your cravings during the current situation, when one does not have the leverage to step out of their houses anytime of the day. All this milk pudding needs are – milk, sugar, agar agar/china grass, condensed milk, water, vanilla essence and cherries.

Watch The Recipe Video For No-Bake Eggless Milk Pudding:

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