Indian Cooking Tips: Use Left-Over Dal And Give Your Neer Dosa A Lip-Smacking Twist

Due to its popularity, ‘neer dosa’ is opted as a breakfast dish in several parts of the country


  • Good food can actually work to uplift a persons mood in any situation
  • Neer dosa that literally means water (neer) dosa
  • Having same food over and over again can become tedious

Amidst the threats of COVID-19, when the whole nation is facing a lockdown situation, using every item you have at home has become the need of the hour; and that included the food items too. No one can deny the fact that having same food over and over again can become tedious and monotonous, especially during this situation, when people are social distancing themselves. Rather good food can actually work to uplift a person’s mood in any situation. So, start being creative with you meals!

Here we bring you an option, where instead of having the same left-over dal, you can use it as a spread for making ‘neer dosa crepe’. ‘Neer dosa’ that literally means water (neer) dosa is a breakfast delicacy in Mangalorean cuisine. But due to its popularity, ‘neer dosa’ is opted as a breakfast dish in several parts of the country. Click here for the ‘neer dosa’ recipe. To make it more palatable, all you need to do is-make a crepe with it.

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Here’s The Recipe For Neer Dosa Crepe:

Serves: two people


Left-over dal- half bowl

Garlic- one to two teaspoon (finely chopped)

Onion- one tablespoon (finely sliced)

Chilli- one teaspoon (finely chopped)

Neer dosa batter- two small cups

Eggs- three

Milk- two tablespoons

Salt- as per taste

Oil/ghee- one tablespoon


Take a pan, add some oil.

Fry the onion, garlic and chilli and give the dal a spicy ‘tadka’. Keep it aside.

Now, break the eggs in a bowl, add milk and salt and whisk very well.

Take some oil in a pan, add the whisked egg and cover the lid on a medium flame.

Let it cook. When you see the omelette turns enough fluffy, take it on a plate.

Cut the omelette into two halves and keep aside.

Now, take dosa tawa, grease it and pour the dosa batter and spread it.

Lower the heat and cover the tawa with lid for one minute.

Now, spread the dal on the dosa, add one piece of egg and fold the other side of the dosa.

It should look like a crepe.

You can also add cheese slice the egg to make it even tastier.

Serve it will chutneyof your choice and indulge!

Try this ‘neer dosa crepe’ for your brunch and let us know your feedback.

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