Intermittent Fasting May Stall Weight Loss After Some Time – Dont Make These 5 Diet Mistakes


  • Intermittent fasting may be great for weight loss.
  • But intermittent fasting may also lead to weight plateau.
  • Make intermittent diet work by avoiding these mistakes.

Intermittent fasting (or alternate fasting) constricts our eating time to a specific time frame in a day. Some people even follow alternate day fasting. Spending a large amount of time hungry and practising great restraint is not easy. While intermittent fasting may be great for weight loss and show visible results, it may also leads to a weight plateau, when your weight just won’t budge. Working hard and reaching your ideal weight only to hit a plateau can be disheartening. Here’s why you probably hit the wall.

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5 Common Diet Mistakes On Intermittent Fasting You Should Not Make –

1. Intermittent fasting relies on calorie restriction. If you binge on calories after breaking your fast without keeping a check, you may pile up extra calories than you should have.

2. If you think you are doing enough by fasting and not exercising, you have it all wrong. Palinski Wade, a registered dietician, points out “Intermittent fasting, like any weight loss strategy, requires an ‘energy deficit’ to promote fat loss.”

3. Eating after a gap doesn’t mean you can gobble up anything. You need proper nutrition to make up for the lost feeds. A bowl of ice-cream and a bowl of sweetened cereals may have the same amount of calories but are way different on the nutrition front. You need to choose your meals wisely.

4. Sleep has a direct impact on body weight by affecting appetite, basal metabolism, and hormone regulation. Such changes may create a roadblock in the weight loss journey.

5. While following the intermittent fasting, your hormones may go haywire due to sudden change of diet. Excess of insulin, cortisol and leptin blockage can halt weight loss process.

Make your every effort for weight loss count by not making these diet mistakes on intermittent fasting diet.

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