Is Your Breakfast One Of The Reasons Of Your Increased Stress? Find Out In This Video

When will this pandemic end, will we even step out freely in coming future; what about the bleeding economy; and that new strain of virus which was recently discovered? Questions like these hound us each day nowadays, and spike our stress levels. While you cannot control a lot factors, there a few things that you can. Take for instance, your breakfast. It is the first meal you have after slumber of eight hours. It is a very crucial meal for your body, it helps renergise you and refuel you. Skipping breakfast could prove very detrimental for your health, and an unhealthy breakfast too comes with its own share of problems.

“There’s something surprising that could be causing unnecessary stress: your breakfast”, says Mark Hyman, MD Food Fix Author.

“Did you know when we eat things like flour, sugar, and fried foods, we actually increase inflammation and stress hormone production?” said Dr. Hyman.

A sugar-filled breakfast could do more harm than good, it could increase cortisol, the stress hormone. And also spike adrenaline, even if you are not stressed.

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Instead of sugary goods like doughnuts and sweet croissants, you should opt for foods that are high in fibre and healthy fat. For example, oatmeal with nut butter or avocado on whole grain toast.

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