Keebler Just Released Fudge Stripes Strawberry Shortcake Cookies And They’re Perfect For Dessert

Just as we were beginning our hunt for the new Fudge Stripes Hot Fudge Sundae cookies, the Keebler Elves were busy yet again creating another flavor. This time, the flavor has a fruity twist with Fudge Stripes Strawberry Shortcake!

The “Special Batch,” as indicated on the packaging, has just arrived at Walmart, as spotted by @snackgator and @candyhunting via @mgagnon82. The shortbread cookie has pink stripes holding all that strawberry shortcake flavor. Hopefully, it carries the same taste as the classic dessert, which consists of layers of cake, strawberries, and whipped cream.

There’s no word on what other stores besides Walmart (if any) will carry the Fudge Stripes Strawberry Shortcake cookies. The flavor isn’t even listed on Keebler’s website yet, so it’s new new.

In 2017, Keebler came out with a Fudge Stripes Strawberry Cheesecake variety, so if you’ve tried that one, you can do a taste comparison with the Strawberry Shortcake cookies. But if you happen to go falling in love with the newest ones, you’ll want to stock up, because they’ll only be available for a limited time.

Those Keebler Elves sure do know how to push out new flavors, so we’d imagine it won’t be long for a new one to speak to our taste buds!

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